Alison Bromley (aebrom46) wrote in crazyyhawt,
Alison Bromley

SEE & KAAY are crazzy hawt.

+ name: Miss. Alison Elizabeth Bromley
+ age: 16
+ location: Holden, Maine
+ gender: Female
+ sexuality: Straight
+ best quality: Humor
+ worst quality: I'd (subconciously) do anything to make anyone happy in the moment. Sometimes it bites me in the asth.
+ best feature: I'd like to think it's my eyes.
+ worst feature: stomach.
+ how did you hear about the community: KRISTEN MARIE SPRAGUE asked me to make banners!

+ same-sex maarriage: Anyone willing to commit to spending the rest of their lives with someone should be able to do so, regardless of their sexuality.
+ suicide: Everyday there are people who die, when they'd give everything to live; I think it's stupid to take life for granted and throw it all away because you're unhappy. Take some prozac, and get laid. Do what you have to do to be happy. But, don't think the only way out is to kill yourself. (RIP Jenny McPhee)
+ drugs/alcohol/sex: I don't frown upon experimentation, but don't go overboard. Any of these in excess can kill you. That's right, folks...TOO MUCH SEX IS BAD!

+ favorite color: Blue..I'm partial to mauve as well.
+ what would you buy with $3:75: I'd save it for Wednesday lunch. I'd buy a ginger ale and chinese food.
+ Make us laugh: I just got this new radio installed in my car. When I say "rock" out loud, it plays rock music. When I say "soul" out loud, it plays soul music. Yesterday, two kids ran in front of my car, and I yelled "FUCKING KIDS!" Then Michael Jackson came on.
+ who is your role model: Larry Dutch and Trisha Smith. I've learned so much from them, and without those two I wouldn't be the person I am today. <3
+ describe yourself in a FEW sentences: This is tough....I'm inquisitive, a goofball, loyal, stubborn, friendly, perverted, outgoing, laidback, anti-dramatic, etc. Some of these are contradictory, and that's because I always act different depending upon my mood. Chickens are not better than I am.
+ why do you want to be crazzyhawt: So I can have a reason to take pictures, and be in a community with my friends!

+ bands: Kevin Roper!
+ movies: Currently= The Notebook. (The end reminds me of something I see happening in my life--not with me.)
+ books: Lovely Bones and The A-List series
+ actor&actress: Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Jude Law (all in Gattaca, which I reccomend seeing)

+ two things you're scared of;
- Time
- The unknown
+ two things you can't live without;
- Mascara
- Chocolate
+ one phrase/word you say everyday;
- 'Night
+ PICTURES: (really random ones)

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