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SEE & KAAY are crazzy hawt

+ name: Alice
+ age: 13
+ location: California
+ gender: Female
+ sexuality: straight
+ best quality: Personality
+ worst quality: i dont really know
+ best feature: eyes
+ worst feature: my tummy
+ how did you hear about the community: i was browsing

+ same-sex maarriage: love is love gay people should be able to wed just like straight people
+ suicide: if theres no other options...
+ drugs/alcohol/sex: i sont see the big deal about sex i mean as long as you dont get pregnant then its not that big of a deal. NO to drugs. and Alcohal well occisionally.

+ favorite color: sky blue
+ what would you buy with $3:75: uhh really cheap lip gloss?
+ Make us laugh:
thats how people at my school beat the crap out of each other
+ who is your role model: my aunt
+ describe yourself in a FEW sentences:
+ why do you want to be crazzyhawt: So i wouldnt be bored with livejournal and be in communities to share stuff with people.

+ bands: MCR, underoath, atreyu, rise against, SOTY, and system of a down
+ movies: pulp fiction, ring two, the grudge, movies like that
+ books: go ask alice, what my mother doesnt know, confessions of a heiress: Paris Hilton
+ actor&actress: Paris Hilton and Jim Carrey

+ two things you're scared of;
- bugs
- hobos
+ two things you can't live without;
- my cell phone
- my ipod
+ one phrase/word you say everyday;


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on the left

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me at chuckie cheese

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whoah blurry!

  • SEE & KAAY are crazzy hawt.

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you're cute.
I say yes. application kinda lacked but we could use the people so yea, its also up to the other mods but yes for me =]

good luck.